Connection among Lust, Attraction and Attachment

Cording to Fisher love is a complex beast and besides, the possession with which ancient periods of literature, music and art have professed to romance, there exist quite a portion of some science in it. Love, indeed, is said to be as much as a product of the heart just as it is of the human brain. Attachment provides a bodily sense of association to be loved. The most evident cues to attachment are absent in the beloved at the time when they are far, and signs of commitment when they come back. Hence the loss of our beloved entreats deep wretchedness and grief.

Everybody presently is aware that the romantic love needs sexual attraction, which is provided. The second constituent is almost as well acknowledged and it is known as attachment, and it is the part of the manifestation in both romantic and the entire sorts of love, inclusive of love within the families. Similarly, attachment is gotten in other animals apart from human species.

Now let us have look at Hellen Fisher, an anthropologist who has been studying of human emotions as well as the obscurity of romantic life. Fisher reconnoiters of science of romance without losing a sense of love, illuminating some of the multifaceted techniques in which the heart and the brain diverge. If can persevere the geekiness, there exists scientific proof according to fisher that antidepressants are capable of endangering romantic love. Fisher says that love is not an emotion, instead it is motivation coordination, and it is a drive and the reward factor of the brain. She further points out that it is characteristically depicted by high degree of dopamine and norepinephrine, and also by lesser levels of serotonin, a factor that is responsible for the compulsive rational thinking connected to romantic love, a concept she proved during her fMRI studies. Serotonin-facilitate antidepressant dulled the emotions, comprising the precious ecstasy of romance that is needed to the growth and determination of romantic love. Helen Fisher suggests major components of love, which entail yet linked with brain system.

The three major components include lust which regulated by androgens and androgen which determine the passion for sexual fulfillment. The second is Attraction which is being controlled by more of dopamine and the norepinephrine level and little amount serotonin, romantic love which determined by euphoria at a time when things are working out perfectly. Yet, a terrible mood fluctuations in case things are not working out as expected such as, obsessive thinking, focused attention and thorough craving for the person can be experienced. Lastly, there attachment compelled by hormones oxytocin together with vasopressin, the act of calmness, harmony and ability one experience along with a lasting partner. She proceeds to call attention to the effects of serotonin in improving antidepressants also impede other transitive.

Just as mentioned above attachment styles that individual nurture at childhood can have the effect in the way they interact with their peers when in adult relationship. With proper attachment approach being connected to healthier and more reliance relationship can lead to more love than the avoidance attachments styles. Fisher found out that the kind of romance associated to adult love attachment styles resemble the levels, safe avoidant and the nervous that had been perfectly studied young adults’ attachments to their guardians, showing that attachments styles are strong across the entire lifespan. After sometime, the researchers were able to differentiate between flippant avoidant attachments and fearful attachment. Some researchers have come to notice a secure adult attachment, which directs the ability for intimacy and confidence, whereas the fearful method is high on either scopes, and hence the preoccupied approach is intense on the fretfulness and the low avoidance.

With orgasm, the things that could take place are that the amounts of the vasopressin and the oxytocin increase greatly in the brain. However, there are feel -good chemicals. These chemicals are linked, formation and pair maintenance of social bonding. So when people, both men and women use serotonin- enhancing medicines and do not achieve the orgasm, possibly they main not be in a position not to stimulate not only themselves but their partners too. It could be said that this neutral methodology, coupled with partner attachment, emerges to be failure trigger. She goes ahead and cites a case study of a married woman of 35 years of age who experienced a recurred depression and anxiety problem. Fortunately, when serotonin improving medications, she lost her libido hence she could not reach orgasm. Contrary to the propositions forwarded by Fisher, the lady failed to think critically, she experienced emotional leap and went head to that love to her husband had tremendously declined and she contemplated of divorcing her husband. When the cycle of the medicine where critically reversed, the lady regained her libido and the ability to love her husband, forgetting the idea of divorce. Therefore, the serotonin medication that is being suggested by Fisher can unfortunately blur the vision. More still it is capable of blocking a woman’s ability to assess the mating partner, and hence fail in love and eventually keep up an enduring partnership.

To be sure, Helen Fisher is very critical in suggesting that not in a campaign to suggest nor to discourage the use of serotonin for the extremely depressed victims and appear threat to their personal lives. However, Fisher does not explain the cost benefit ration that are experienced with regards disfavor of love in all the cases, instead she only speaks does this in most critical cases, more particularly cases one has to choose between affection and life.

Helen Fisher said that she was not she was not recommending that people who experience severe psychological disorder refrain using serotonin medications. Besides, she points out that she was just attempting to highlight that these kinds of medications could influence the verge of other biologic system and sometimes can risk unconscious evolutionary means for the mate assortment, for romantic love ,and as well for the attachment.

Looking at this critically, the irony is of course in bid to deal with pain, people always end up denying themselves happiness, treating the unsettling and in that process they drive away the aliveness in which love recedes. Which brings the question, if love is contrary to what human brain dictates or human body desires? Then what could it be?

A scholar such as questions the immovability of attachments method across the entire life span gave that the study of Fisher’s study measured attachment approaches in the shorter period, ranging from between two weeks and eight months in which on out of four people’s attachment style varied. Moreover, a study by Özabacı & Eryılmaz found out that attachment methods can change sometime within the first year of the college, and very safe attachments could be linked the fine-tuning into self-confidence standards and copying methods. By the same token, attachment approaches, experienced in childhood reflects the ones found adulthood love relationship. Additionally, studies have indicated that establishing interpersonal associations encourages neural regulatory mechanisms which are engrossed in feelings of empathy, the gratification of affirmative social proceedings, and the stress management, giving out proof that early social association influences adult affiliations.

Another area of controversy is the topic of romantic association is the one of domestic violence. People call it love; it feels like romance, yet the most elating of people emotion is likely nature’s beautiful approach to maintaining human species thriving and giving birth.

Therefore, these three elements are connected by means of love hence the subsequent stages were as proposed by Helen fisher. She said that every single stage could be driven by different chemicals and hormones.

The very first stage is Lust. Lust is known to be the very first stage of becoming involved with love. The feeling of lust is potentially supported or rather initiated by the sexual hormones within the human body. This is counted as the initial stage of love and is controlled by sexual hormones known as testosterone as well as oestrogen found in both men and women consecutively. Besides, lust, attraction and attachment ensure patience of humanity through mating. The lust stage is a distinct interconnected process which initiates attractions.

Stage of attraction is the second stage of love. It always the incredible moment one an individual actually love-struck hence cannot think of anything else. Fisher and other scientists say that there are three major neurotransmitters which are believed to be part of this stage and involve domaphine, adrenaline, and serotonin. At this juncture is when an individual begins to feel love. The person’s intolerance for attracting someone which guide to excitement, and the person is left with less or no option but to only have the thoughts about a particular person. Scientifically, it has been established in the study that there are some three sub-phases of attraction that depict variations over people personality.

The third and final stage of love is attachment phase. It is the bond that keeps the partners together over period enough for them to management their love life. It has been established by scientists that there are two major hormones which are responsible for initiating this kind of feeling of attachments. The hormones are inclusive of Vasopressin and oxytocin. Attachment is the bonding that makes the partners uplift their association to higher levels. It, therefore, bring about the feeling of bringing up children and be in love with the children unequivocally.

The last issue in this essay is the degree of what is known as love which is usually part of the three concepts highlighted above. This is another element of love that helps bond the three concepts mentioned above and it worth further discussion. The description of love that has been illustrated in this essay has not one of the facts that seem to be significant for practical reasons. How close to the exact quality of should the compassion and identification of both partners should be to be categorized as love. All these have been explained so far and the quantity should be of average, in the long run, to near quality.

The perfect amount of compassion that tends to exist between couples could prevail in a few moments after which it could be very minimal. In most case one partner is more empathetic towards the other partner. With regards to the description, could this means that by becoming more empathetic mate tend to love more? Not actually, it could just mean that more compassionate individual is engulfed with the other.

Even if the bonding that subsists between them is balanced, compensatory tendencies can probably be carried out. Such kind of a single step or move could include what can possibly be referred to as secondary attunement. In case the less the compassionate partner becomes to know that he is known better by his or her partner than he or she already understand the latter, and she has identified with him or her less she can decide to pay back or compensate in another way. For instance, by giving her much time and listening longer to him or her than how the other party does. Direct attunment is very significant in any given relationship; however it is by no means the entire history, just as the attraction and attachments are not the complete story as well. Adult relationship appears to be very intricate that the known there the above discussed give only preliminary and tentative description of love.

The essay, therefore, proposes that human beings show three emotion levels and reproduction: firstly, the sex drive which is known as lust and it is composed or characterized by greater yearning sexual satisfaction. Secondly is the attraction which consists of more energy and concentrated attention of a single or many potential partners or mates which move along with the human emotions or feelings of excitement, invasive thinking about the love partner, and the passion for feelings or emotional connectedness with the desired mate or rather the potential mate. Lastly, there is an attachment which love component that is characterized keeping and maintaining social connections, which comes together in humanity by feelings of relaxations, comfort, and the emotional union with the mate.

It could be established conclusively that lust, attraction and attachment are some of the most charming emotions of our lives. It is somewhat true to the adage that says love is blind since one would never be aware when their brain will encounter love. There are greater numbers of important amounts of chemical reactions that are entailed in setting off lust, attraction and attachment between the partners. Science has yet found out that the precise body response with regard to the complication of love. Nonetheless, given the above research, it appears to be obvious to conclude that falling in love includes a lot of approaches as well as chemicals in the brain. A person cannot easily prevent the sensual rejoinder of lust, attraction and attachment that bear true love. The couples should not be in need to the sublime, sexy or handsome; the emotions appear to be deeper in comparison to any corporeal tactility. Therefore, it could be love is a natural amuse, a person will always puzzle over it, dream about it and finally be lost in the thought of it.

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